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The Research Box

Leading insight into human experience in the natural world

The Research Box helps organisations understand their audiences, whether visitors, stakeholders or volunteers.  

Landscape & The Outdoors

The Research Box has a significant track record in providing insight into how people value and experience wildlife, outdoor visitor sites and other nature conservation projects.  Our research techniques uncover the views of the public in a way that helps you to develop policy and implement plans that have the public's understanding and backing.   

Our studies include:

  • visitor demand forecasting for outdoors sites, including testing requirements for car parking or catering
  • understanding visitors' requirements for educational interpretation in the outdoors
  • understanding cultural eco-system services
  • cultural-value mapping, using smartphone apps and online participatory GIS tools
  • participatory workshops to determine public reactions to landscape change 
  • working with landscape partnerships
  • business plans for HLF bids

Our team has advised at a strategic and local level for Natural England, The National Trust and the Wildlife Trusts.

Experiencing Landscapes

How do people gain inspiration, relaxation and wellbeing from the landscape and what is driving this?  

This is the best money  we've ever spent on a consultancy study.


Thank-you for an ace presentation following the great work you and your team have done.  It has been really useful and will continue to inform the decisions we take on the project

Head Ranger