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The Research Box

Using insight to further your central mission

The Research Box enjoys working with charitable or not-for-profit organisations, whether helping them to understand volunteering or gauging stakeholder reactions

Charities & Volunteering

We aim to be sensitive to the overall goals that charities have, whilst also bringing organisational know-how and marketing insight to the table 

Our team of market research consultants are extremely experienced and have worked for charities dealing with issues concerning children,  conservation, older people and health 

We use research insight to:

  • help guide investment and social policy decisions
  • develop and test fundraising campaigns
  • evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
  • understand visitor experience
  • examine donor or volunteer motivations
  • improve volunteer management

 We offer special rates for charities and can be flexible to your working environments

Clients who use and trust our services include the National Trust and Readathon

we strive to develop strong relationships with all our clients