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The Research Box

Growing your ideas and strategy

The Research Box is driven by two founding consultants, Alison Fleming and Hugh Inwood who are dedicated to helping your organisation succeed   

Alison Fleming

Alison is a qualitative practitioner with 20 years' experience and a passion for insight with purpose

Alison has a keen understanding of both consumer and B2B markets, she enjoys giving lively presentations and designing innovative methods for gaining genuine insights from research participants 

Alison has a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages from the University of Sussex and an MSc in Marketing from Strathclyde University.   As  a member of the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Association of Qualitative Research (AQR),  she is interested in harnessing new thinking and delivering on quality and ethics.   Alison's qualitative skills include depth interviewing, focus-group and creativity-group moderation, workshops, family-group depth interviewing and on-site 'live' tourist/visitor interviews and observation

Hugh Inwood

Hugh has an impressive back catalogue of work from over 30 years as a social and market research consultant

Hugh, a director of the company, is an economist by background, with experience as a client-side research manager (in the public sector) and as a Director of two market research consultancies. He specialises in research into various strategic developments in public and private sectors and he has been regularly retained in an advisory capacity in this regard. He has extensive experience of working with CEOs, senior officers and directors, Board members and local authority Cabinets

Hugh's background includes many examples of research into new products and markets, often including demand-forecasting, market segmentation and price sensitivity models

Our team of market research consultants is supported by trusted fieldwork associates following IQCS and MRS quality standards

we strive to develop strong relationships with all our clients